No WIP’s during holidays, but…


I simply was to busy finishing off my work before I could leave for a well, well deserved holiday!
But in all honesty, i had done my preparations over the last couple of months so both my sister in laws were very happy with the shawls I knitted or crocheted for them.

And for the first times in years I didn’t prepare the family christmas dinner… I hated it to give it up… But Even the thought of making it stressed me out this years. I just couldn’t combine it… But I will continue the tradition next year again (or at least that is my good intention for next year 😉)
But credits to my mum – who did a great fantastic job on a four course dinner!!!!

Now I will be off for another two weeks, but not without wishing everybody very happy holidays!

Hopefully I will be back in two weeks with a lot of new inspiration!!!

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2 Responses to No WIP’s during holidays, but…

  1. epicyarns says:

    Wow four courses, amazing!
    I made our usual massive dinner which we couldn’t finish and I felt like I’d never eat again haha

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