WIP Wednesday 3/12 Hippy Hippo & Thandi the Rhino

Well, what a week this has been… My little niece turned 1!!! So finally it is time to reveal my birthday present for her… The Happy Hippo (pattern of Heidi Bears), you could have seen it progress in my previous WIP’s and for three weeks it was looking at me on the couch.. I kind of miss him now 😥

But don’t you just love it?Happy Hippo

And as I thought I would miss my happy hippo, I started a new project… the blue african flowers… Do you remember them from last week… As this project has no new home yet, I thought to keep the result a secret… But now it is finished I just want to show off… 😀

So here she is… Meet Thandi the RhinoThandi the Rhino

Thandi is still looking for a new home, but I am sure one will be found soon…

So, so much for showing off my crochet stuffed animals. Now back to knitting as my fingers are hurt by the crochet hook… Maybe a good time to progress on my WIP of October.

But i feel so distracted of all nice works I see around me all the time… Just this week these lovely pics came by:

No babies around me, so no need to create these… but don’t you just love them?

Hope you enjoy these just as much as I do and please let me know what you think of my Happy Hippo and Thandi the Rhino… Hope to hear from you – Till next week!

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday 3/12 Hippy Hippo & Thandi the Rhino

  1. epicyarns says:

    Ooh Thandi is fab!!


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