WIP Wednesday 7/1: Inspirations

So, just needed a well deserved break…
But in all honesty, whenever I had wifi available I just could stop reading the blogs and I noticed all beautiful projects that where coming by… Good, a lot of inspirations for the new year, but even though it might be a little late, I still want to wish everybody a happy, blessed and unbelievable great new year.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, on the lookout for new inspiration. The last two weeks I have been traveling through Thailand, land of silk and great fabrics, colors and very friendly people!
and the inspiration came….

From sleeping on the river Kwai, with nothing but a floating bungalow, no electricity, no communication with the rest of the world….only accessible by long tail boat…

The great nature, climbing along the waterfalls;

Ancient city of Ayutthaya

Bangkok, of course!


And all the nice food, flowers and markets







It has been a colorful journey that comes with peace of mind, relaxing and inspirations…

From time to time I do miss my crochet hook or my knitting needles… But hey, there is so much to see here!
At least I wanted to share this with you as it brings me inspirations and maybe you too!

For now I still have some days left, sipping my mojitos, swimming in the sea, laughing and eating and not thinking of the cold at home…

With love, from Thailand!

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