WIP Wednesday 6 May 2015

so here I am, traveling for work… This morning knitting in the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris…
After a nice dinner tonight, back in my hotel… Knitting time!  

Oh – did i mention that I finished my sweater??? So proud- it’s going to be one of my favorite sweaters ever!

So, as I mentioned before I was looking for someting nice to make of this yarn.  

I wanted to make a nice “never ending” shawl, and as the yarn is a beautiful fragile 4 ply it would be ideal for a nice lace pattern. 

I have been looking and looking, but nothing realy hit my “yaay” button… I did however see a picture of a nice rectangle shawl… And i figured I could alter it to my own wants 🙂

Tried a piece, just straight (as the rectangle shawl) and figured out the pattern. 

Now working in rounds 

So, again, here I am sitting on my bed… In the beautiful nights of Paris, knitting… And i’m loving it!  




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