WIP Wednesday April 8th, 2015

Quick update. I choose my basic pattern for the top down sweater, that I plan on altering to my own size and style. So far excited with the start!!!

It is really addictive, almost so addictive I didn’t want to take the time to post my update ☺️

Oh, and did you notice my socks are finished?!?

Keep you posted!

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WIP wednesday March 11th, 2015

Deeply ashamed, I promised not to let you wait this long… But it has been madly busy… Work, year ends, expanding work portfolio abroad which leaves me almost no time for knitting…

But never the less I want to share my two WIPs this week.

I followed a workshop for knitting socks toe-up which is practical as you can knit the pair at once so both socks will be equal plus you can fit while knitting… Have to be a bit further for workshop 2, in which we’ll learn how to make the heel. But so far so good:

sock yarn: Opal

Also started with a  new Dreambird shawl as I did finish the bleu/ grey dreambird. But I kept thinking that it would be awesome to have a shawl like this in nice summerly colors 😊

yarn: scheepjes softfun and batik

And, oh I couldn’t resist. Already bought yarn for a nice summer sweater. I want to create a nice sweater that I want to knit top-down with Raglan sleeves, something I have never done before yet. But hey, I am so exited to start (first have to finish the shawl or the socks as I need the circulars)!

essentials cotton soft print, color 007 – cauge 22×28

If you have a nice suggestion for this project. Please let me know! My pinterest is bulking of nice sweaters and my ravelry as well. Can’t seem to make up my mind 😊

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WIP Wednesday 28 January 2015

So… A new year… New projects and been away for a while… Gathered some new inspiration in Thailand, all the great fabrics and colors and such friendly people…

Also noticed a new Dutch Facebook group that started just a week ago which is called “de anonieme sjaal”. Group started out of the idea to do something anonymous and free for other people. So you create a nice shawl, stuffed animal, or whatever else you want to give a way. You pack it with a letter addressed to the finder basically saying that the package is not lost or forgotten, but left there for you to find, that it is made with a big heart to bring a smile on your face and if you like it you can leave a message on the Facebook page… Such a great idea – I am thinking of what to drop… but already got something in mind… totally fits the inspiration I gained in Thailand 🙂

And how addicted am I? Even when i was on holidays I noticed a advertisement of a web-shop I regularly buy at… and couldn’t resist to buy 50 balls of yarns YAAYYYY! My parents were so nice to receive it on my behalf… And all 50 a different color. So that can become a nice blanket, a lot of new stuffed animals (there are still so many Heidi Bears’ designs I want to make).

50 shades of Phildar

But a new project started: A dreambird shawl (pattern Nadita Swings)… My first attempt is with sock-wool that I had in stock already. And I am pretty happy with the result – hope you all agree with me …


But as I really love the pattern and I fancy it in a nice summer outfit – I went to a nicely new-opened store just around the corner from my home an bought these beautiful yarns (60% cotton and 40% Acrylic) from Scheepjes (Softfun (plain) and Softfun Batik). I picture the off white as the basic color and the feathers in the colored Batik)


Well, as you notice… a lot of projects – and to-be projects so I’ll better get going…

Won’t be one this time for so long! And please feel free to leave a comment – it’s always nice to hear from you 🙂

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WIP Wednesday 7/1: Inspirations

So, just needed a well deserved break…
But in all honesty, whenever I had wifi available I just could stop reading the blogs and I noticed all beautiful projects that where coming by… Good, a lot of inspirations for the new year, but even though it might be a little late, I still want to wish everybody a happy, blessed and unbelievable great new year.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, on the lookout for new inspiration. The last two weeks I have been traveling through Thailand, land of silk and great fabrics, colors and very friendly people!
and the inspiration came….
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No WIP’s during holidays, but…


I simply was to busy finishing off my work before I could leave for a well, well deserved holiday!
But in all honesty, i had done my preparations over the last couple of months so both my sister in laws were very happy with the shawls I knitted or crocheted for them.

And for the first times in years I didn’t prepare the family christmas dinner… I hated it to give it up… But Even the thought of making it stressed me out this years. I just couldn’t combine it… But I will continue the tradition next year again (or at least that is my good intention for next year 😉)
But credits to my mum – who did a great fantastic job on a four course dinner!!!!

Now I will be off for another two weeks, but not without wishing everybody very happy holidays!

Hopefully I will be back in two weeks with a lot of new inspiration!!!

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WIP Wednesday 3/12 Hippy Hippo & Thandi the Rhino

Well, what a week this has been… My little niece turned 1!!! So finally it is time to reveal my birthday present for her… The Happy Hippo (pattern of Heidi Bears), you could have seen it progress in my previous WIP’s and for three weeks it was looking at me on the couch.. I kind of miss him now 😥

But don’t you just love it?Happy Hippo

And as I thought I would miss my happy hippo, I started a new project… the blue african flowers… Do you remember them from last week… As this project has no new home yet, I thought to keep the result a secret… But now it is finished I just want to show off… 😀

So here she is… Meet Thandi the RhinoThandi the Rhino

Thandi is still looking for a new home, but I am sure one will be found soon…

So, so much for showing off my crochet stuffed animals. Now back to knitting as my fingers are hurt by the crochet hook… Maybe a good time to progress on my WIP of October.

But i feel so distracted of all nice works I see around me all the time… Just this week these lovely pics came by:

No babies around me, so no need to create these… but don’t you just love them?

Hope you enjoy these just as much as I do and please let me know what you think of my Happy Hippo and Thandi the Rhino… Hope to hear from you – Till next week!

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WIP Wednesday 26/11 who sees double?!?

So this week has been madly busy… Glad to come home every night where at least a bit of light in the early dark evening is there…:)
And just being home I literally force myself to relax and do something just for me by crocheting… And this is the result after a week of african flowers, a couple every night.
I didn’t want to make doubles, but one just sneaked through… Can you find it?

And as this will be my 2nd secret project. No revealing of what it will be, but I am curious if you recognize it by the shapes and number of different flowers…

Next week, I will reveal my 1st secret project!

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