WIP wednesday March 11th, 2015

Deeply ashamed, I promised not to let you wait this long… But it has been madly busy… Work, year ends, expanding work portfolio abroad which leaves me almost no time for knitting…

But never the less I want to share my two WIPs this week.

I followed a workshop for knitting socks toe-up which is practical as you can knit the pair at once so both socks will be equal plus you can fit while knitting… Have to be a bit further for workshop 2, in which we’ll learn how to make the heel. But so far so good:

sock yarn: Opal

Also started with a  new Dreambird shawl as I did finish the bleu/ grey dreambird. But I kept thinking that it would be awesome to have a shawl like this in nice summerly colors 😊

yarn: scheepjes softfun and batik

And, oh I couldn’t resist. Already bought yarn for a nice summer sweater. I want to create a nice sweater that I want to knit top-down with Raglan sleeves, something I have never done before yet. But hey, I am so exited to start (first have to finish the shawl or the socks as I need the circulars)!

essentials cotton soft print, color 007 – cauge 22×28

If you have a nice suggestion for this project. Please let me know! My pinterest is bulking of nice sweaters and my ravelry as well. Can’t seem to make up my mind 😊

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