WIP Wednesday 28 January 2015

So… A new year… New projects and been away for a while… Gathered some new inspiration in Thailand, all the great fabrics and colors and such friendly people…

Also noticed a new Dutch Facebook group that started just a week ago which is called “de anonieme sjaal”. Group started out of the idea to do something anonymous and free for other people. So you create a nice shawl, stuffed animal, or whatever else you want to give a way. You pack it with a letter addressed to the finder basically saying that the package is not lost or forgotten, but left there for you to find, that it is made with a big heart to bring a smile on your face and if you like it you can leave a message on the Facebook page… Such a great idea – I am thinking of what to drop… but already got something in mind… totally fits the inspiration I gained in Thailand 🙂

And how addicted am I? Even when i was on holidays I noticed a advertisement of a web-shop I regularly buy at… and couldn’t resist to buy 50 balls of yarns YAAYYYY! My parents were so nice to receive it on my behalf… And all 50 a different color. So that can become a nice blanket, a lot of new stuffed animals (there are still so many Heidi Bears’ designs I want to make).

50 shades of Phildar

But a new project started: A dreambird shawl (pattern Nadita Swings)… My first attempt is with sock-wool that I had in stock already. And I am pretty happy with the result – hope you all agree with me …


But as I really love the pattern and I fancy it in a nice summer outfit – I went to a nicely new-opened store just around the corner from my home an bought these beautiful yarns (60% cotton and 40% Acrylic) from Scheepjes (Softfun (plain) and Softfun Batik). I picture the off white as the basic color and the feathers in the colored Batik)


Well, as you notice… a lot of projects – and to-be projects so I’ll better get going…

Won’t be one this time for so long! And please feel free to leave a comment – it’s always nice to hear from you 🙂

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday 28 January 2015

  1. epicyarns says:

    Wow 59 balls of yarn! Heaven 🙂
    Love the multi coloured Batik too, very pretty


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