WIP Wednesday 5/11

So another week has past… This week I was really surprised by receiving The Liebster award and all positive responses to that – I feel so blessed…

This week has again been a very busy week at work, but luckily my hubby’s admin is as good as finished for the past quarter and the closure of 2013… (finally :)). I kept working on my surprise project for my little niece. As I thought it would take me some time I mentioned it would be a Christmas present… but it goes a lot faster then thought – so it will most likely be her “1st birthday”- present – yay! –

As it still has to stay a surprise that I don’t want to reveal yet, only some impressions. But it is a design from Heidi Bears

WIP 5/11

WIP 5/11 WIP 5/11

Some of you might actually recognize maybe what it will be… no spoilers please!

I am still working on my multi wearable shawl, that I started October 22nd. No proces there this week as I was working on the project above…

In the mean while, I have so many other new head spins of next projects…

I saw these swan symphony doilies  of which I think are great looking on Christmas tables, but I still have so many other thinks I would love to make. Just to name a few:

Elenora sweater (pattern in The Knitter issue 76)
– Santa Mugs
Curly snowmans
– And I just love the Fraggles I saw earlier this week!

And that is just  sneak peak in my wishlist… Any suggestions? Small projects, very welcome! Please feel free in helping me out in this luxury problems 😀

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7 Responses to WIP Wednesday 5/11

  1. epicyarns says:

    Glad you liked my Fraggles!


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