WIP Wednesday 22/10 – multi wearable shawl

Dark winter nights have arrived…

It is only the second day of bad weather with rain, thunderstorms, hail and cold. Already it feels like it should be the end of winter. Can I say I really just don’t like it?
But to get some comfort on the couch at night I started a new project. A couple of weeks ago I walked in to a supermarket here around the corner and noticed knitting wool in the racks.
I took the gamble and purchased quit a bit. Among that 12 balls of grey wool (50% merino, 50% polyacryl).
Without a specific project in mind the mouse grey git my attention.
Now I started this project: a shawl with different ways to wear.
Finally picked a project, but didn’t want it to be plain simple. So I figured out what stitch would be nice…
This is what I figured would fit. Also searched for some nice wooden buttons and so happy to find these.

So weather, please give me some more time to finish my project before it gets really cold!

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